Integration Facebook

An interesting feature would have to offer the RIYA recognition services as an addition to facebook. This would also mean for RIYA an interesting business opportunity, since this is what facebook is about. Tagging suggestions could automatically be done by RIYA when users upload pictures.

Wishlist for features in Riya

Use +s at the end of the wish to state the importance you think the feature has (none not important, + nice-to-have, +++++ = a must)

If the support is kept in this wiki someone could rethink the categories which I just made up. Wishes could also be commented by Riya staff (e.g. "never", "in a million years", "maybe", "working on it"). Or then you guys could put together another "working on it / soon working on it / hold your horses" list.

  1. Making it work with Vista. It keeps telling me to re-install Java, but I already have Java installed! +++++


  • more reliably logged in
    • the cookie for is not in sync with, and i've been logged out in the middle of recognizing
  • remove "sign-in" link at the bottom when your logged in.. is this kept for keeping the format on other pages?
  • update "# faces recognized" screenshot after batch training.. does not match the new layout
  • riya staff member takes 3 minutes to add "IMPLEMENTED - " before wishlist items, cuz its just me maintaining this, i was the one who origionally sorted this a few months ago


GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Show stats: trained X faces in Y photos, auto-recognized A faces in B photos +
  • Ability to limit batch recognition or additional training examples to just one or two albums to reduce having to wade through many different people.
    • Also can be handled by sub-sets, otherwise multiple accounts might be required
  • Ability to show all photos by number of faces +++++
    • e.g., an album with NO FACES (so I can manually tag any that have missed a face), only one face, two faces, etc.
  • onmouseover or title text that would implicate how many "facial figures" have been detected in a photo and how many of them have been recognized - (would help to find photos that have faces not recognized yet) ++++++

GROUP (help from friends)
  • Groups, Group-Albums, OR "Allowed helpers." (Such as if you go to a party and dont know everyone there, friends can help.)
  • The option to let other people recognize people you "dont know", and you being able to accept or reject the name for the person. +++++++++++
  • Ability to "Ask an email address if they know who this person is" for "Don't know" contacts. It would send a copy of the photo to the email address, and give them a single-use web page where they can identify the person. +

  • The ablity for Riya to learn from its mistakes (e.g., if you keep telling it that that the reconnition is wrong for a person in a picture it will get the hint and not keep asking you if it this certain person.)
  • Option to not recognize somebody for the time being without eliminating them with "dont know" - (e.g., a tag of "not yet sure") ++++++
  • The batch recognition is not showing all unrecognized faces ++++++
  • When double checking the results the ability to correctly tag any mismatched contacts+
  • Whenever an unrecognized face is displayed, one should be able to identify the person (or tag as unknown) from the drop down list. This applies for example in the bottom of the 'People' list, when correcting automatic recognitions and in training sets. ++
  • Automatic Color/brightness Levels when recognizing faces - some times the pictures are very dark, it would be great if the levels for that slice of the picture could be auto-calibrated.
  • A page to browse through "Dont Know" faces, because people meet people, ya know?
  • when recognizing the software should already recognize that a manual box has been drawn over and not ask for the same face twice. e.g.
Ability to see the whole picture when you try to recognise a face. The context of the whole picture can help for identifying.
  • MORE friendly organizer.


GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Change overlay images to words
    • "X" to "NO"
    • "?" to "Not Sure"
    • add "Not A Face" +++++++++


GUI (graphical user interface)
  • In manual recognizing link from the (simple) training to the picture. +++++
  • Most frequent recognized people at the top of the list.(optional) +++++
  • IMPLIMENTED - Ability to see the entire photo when doing training (simple or batch) so you can see the context of the picture and verify who the person is. +++++

  • IMPLIMENTED - Typing a contact name (in the manual recognition) should have a Gmail-type auto-suggest search of existing contacts, not just first name but all text in contact information, and as a drop down feature, so as to not intrude on typing. ++++++++


  • Greater discretion in text recognition. I guess this is subjective, but so far I haven't found this useful. The text that has been found on my photos have included the tag inside a shirt, a stop sign, wine label, etc. None of which have been accurate nor useful. I guess a simple suggestion could be to set an option to include text search or exclude it from all/some/one photo. +++
  • Delete All Text Tags function - I have a couple of pics with a bunch of useless text recognition. It is annoying to delete each tag one by one. ++++++++++
  • Smarter text recognition. A lot of the times riya tags text, it makes the tag something like "),/" or "f."'". It should realize that things like that are not going to be actually in pictures, and if they were, I would rather just not have them detected. +++++++++
  • Ability to recognize non-Latin characters and alphabets, as well as different styles and fonts (block vs. cursive), etc. +++++
  • Allow export of text


  • In conjunction with "Riya Uploader", albums should have the ability to mirror your "my picture" (or another) folder structure in the album tab. Otherwise, the organization of "my pictures" and Riya gets out of step too easily. +++++

  • display sharing status on folders ++++
  • Search based (AND,OR,NOT) dynamic albums. "Any photos with Bob and Lisa", "Photos with ONLY Bob and Lisa", " "Photos with Bob and Lisa but without Steven" ++++++++++++++
  • Option to change to font and size format.
  • Sub-albums ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Album structure/ability to restructure +++++++++++++


  • (Optionally) distinguish between tags assigned during training and those assigned by Riya + ++
  • Better thumbnail quality - thumbs see to be grainy
  • Order of pictures in album is not the same as that uploaded. Sort by date/time does not work. This is is needed if pictures of a 5 day trip are uploaded, so they should show in sequence. Randomizing them is useless here.
  • Show a list of people in an album (something like Album Summary). Then you can browse the whole album, or only particular people in that album. Right now, the albums have no advantage over other websites, riya should be making its face recognition tags very prominent.
  • Sort order date,name,upload+++++
  • thumbs/datailed list (name and date)+++++
  • Chose tumbnailpicture+++++++

  • Rename albums +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Delete albums ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    • Have a batch delete function ++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Be able to move pictures from one album to another+++
  • Album location +++++++++++++++++
  • Change date on on album+++++

  • Auto-arranged photos by date taken, date uploaded, name, or reverse of each ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Ability to select the front (main) image of an Album++++++++++++

  • IMPLIMENTED - Pagination ("More Photos" is fine if you have 50, but i uploaded some albums with over 500 images.) +++++++++++
  • IMPLIMENTED - Have the ability to choose photos shown, a 50, 100, 200, ALL feature.+++++++++++
  • IMPLIMENTED - Clearer indication on multiple selects - 1st green outline too subtle - highlight selected photos in yellow. 2nd show selected photo/faces in tray at bottom ala Google Picasa. +++
  • Show navigation based picture based on all sizes, example:
Square (75 x 75)
Thumbnail (100 x 66)
Small (240 x 159)
Medium (500 x 332)
Large (1024 x 680)
Extra Large (2048x1536)
Original size


  • Move pictures from one album to another
  • Rotate pictures once they are uploaded+++ (a lot of photos get rotated wrong and then it won't recognize the faces)


  • Most frequent recognized people at the top of the list. +++++
  • Reshape rectangles, to include the whole face or just a face if extra area is selected. in manual and bulk. ++++++++++
  • Hide known and/or text tags temporarily, to see better who is not yet named. Some tags overlap too closely. +++++
  • Allow ZOOM function on selection of faces. I uploaded a CLASS PHOTO OF 200+ PEOPLE. Riya correctly identified the faces but I can't select any of them b/c their are too many on the screen.
    • Adding "recognition rectangles" first (kind of as a bach) and then manually recognizing them (e.g., using the batch tools for combining the "recognition rectangles" to contacts). This would be very handy because combining them one by one is a pain in the butt. I understand that this is not the core of your thing because it doesn't have to do with the automatic recognition but it would help people tag all their photos with contact information which makes the service better for the users.


  • Ability to edit multiple contacts in the address book without being stopped to manually recognize faces. (As it is i have a hard time editing more than 3 before i'm forced to stop.)
  • Ability to export all images/thumbnails with files named relative to the contact, ie john_smith.jpg, so they can be imported into address books or mobile phones
  • Ability to add multiple address for single contact. example contact1 -,


  • editing metadata of photos - (it's not always correct) +++++++++
  • Allow calendar-based editing of date+++++
  • Allow editing/deleting of tags ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Allow Location tagging by album and/or multi-selected pictured ++++++++++
  • Use auto-complete when entering Location tags -- many of my pics are in the same set of locations, I shouldn't have to re-type the location each time (and remember exactly how I typed it last time)
  • Load IPTC Tags & Captions on upload. (also mentioned in uploader)
  • Allow editing of Time/Date of EXIF data. Even allow "Correct Time Zone feature" e.g., "Camera was set to PST but should have been set to Munich, Germany time." (was travelling). -- allow bulk adjustment
  • allow "circa" date changes (e.g., allow changing date from file stamp date to set date to 1992 and not Jan 1, 1992)
  • Remove the dimmed out "United States" (aka "hey... we are UNDER CONSTRUCTION!") - offer the option to tag with another nation name... OR REMOVE THE OPTION FROM THE INTERFACE. Don't tease. Sell the feature not the promise.
  • allow bulk tagging as PRIVATE and PUBLIC. Share help says you can share an entire album but make how this is done more obvious. (It doesn't seem impossible thing do.)
  • Geotagging.



  • allow CONTACT GROUPS. Many people I am adding are friends from yesteryear or alumni friends. I want to be able to see a current friends only view and then be able to switch to a friends from long ago. Or only work-friends, or church friends, or only friends from certain time frame.
  • allow multiple email addresses for contacts! People have multiple email addresses for various reasons. This should be supported in Riya. One primary email address and then unlimited number of alternative email addresses (Gmail has implemented this very nicely) +++++++++
  • All me to enter all my old addresses (retired email addresses.)
  • show *all* information in the addressbook in a grid. this would make it much easier to review & change/add information. Use Ajax or similar(?) to make this smooth. +++++
  • Hierarchy into contacts. For example: family, friends, colleagues, aquaintances. With the digital era everybody has a whole lot of pictures of people that they know and would most probably want Riya to recognize but everybody also has very thorough layering of the people they know. I think that just for the management of contacts they should be possible to put into categories. And with the recognition feature there definitely should be more categories than just friend, family and contact (ref. Flickr). Social layering is much more complex than that and not allowing people to manage their contacts accordingly might make the service too clumsy (which is not a good word to describe what I mean, but couldn't think of a better word here). +++++++
of course freely choosable categories would be best solution and allowing a contact to belong to multiple categories. Then it would be nice to e.g. search all colleagues from a company X. or old university buddies.
  • merging contacts: I've made two errors by mistyping a name. Now I'd like to merge these different names that are in fact the same person. This is especially true if I have my brother with his first name and no email, he joins Riya, adds himself with his full name, and asks to be my friend. Now I have two of them in my address book. ++++++++
  • Allow tagging of / manually "recognizing" groups. By this I mean that user could identify groups such as football teams etc in a photo by tell the system by manually "recognizing" (drawing "recognition rectangles" over) groups in photos. Riya would just need to add an option to the prompt "Is this a face" that now pops up "_or a group_". This would actually just be a note on the picture (like it is now?) but would combine the information to the address book and the people page. There would be a section "Groups", say, at the bottom of the page. This would allow user to easily tagg and access any kinds of groups: sports teams, groups of friends, families, etc. Then you could just as easily access photos of this groups just like you can now access photos of people in them. I think this would be very cool and useful. Shouldn't be a big thing to add. ++++
  • When browsing public photos, it would be nice to have a contact button with a pull down menu where you could select why you wanted to contact the individual, i.e., to obtain permission to view private photo, to use a public photo, to ask a question.+++
  • Be able to add multiple names for a contact like nick names and such or like for Michael is also Mike
  • When viewing all pictures for a contact a view that is like the double-check view where the thumbnails is the face of the person, not the whole picture, clicking on in then brings up the entire picture.
  • Support public (common) recognition of some contacts without requiring the match on email address (e.g., George Bush, Barry Bonds, etc.) I know if I search for Bill Gates I might get hits on 'other' Bill Gates as well as the one I want, but that's better than nothing...
  • In People-My Photos, have a visual indicator of how many photos exist of that person, OR allow a "sort by number of photos" as well as the current "sort by name" +++
  • I instinctively clicked the checkboxes in the address book, figuring I could invite them to join from there... should be a button at the bottom that sends them an invite - since the email addresses are already in.
I'd even concent to an auto email feature that emails new faces to tell them that I've added them to my photo group (should definately be something that can be optioned on or off though.
  • Allow BULK / ONE PAGE ALL CONTACTS modification for MALE / FEMALE selection. Trying to go through and change 100 names and select them properly as mail or female or updating their birth dates should be easier. One a dual 3ghz machine with a frac DS-3 connection I still have to wait like 15 seconds per address book entry to update. Make bulk changes easier.


  • Link to what you searched rather than the user pressing the back button (eg: Riya>>Search>>"Search Query").
  • Display search history on right/ left side and related tag in thumbnail size.
Option to highlight matches in images by means of outlines
When hovering inside these outlines, icons to appear to allow the user to perform operations such as "exclude" object from search, "search similar objects", etc.


  • Currently, US Map is shown as the default location when the location search is selected. Instead, it would be better to show the map of the world as it is very tedious to scroll right if a user needs to go to asian subcontinent. Also, it would be nice if stats are shown when the user has pointed to a particular location in the map (# of pictures in that particular location : # of private, # of public) +
  • It would be great if you could select a location by default +
  • Add a location manually (for complete albums, pictures) +
  • Create a location section in the address book so I can give a friendly name to a place yet have it map to longitude and latitude++++
  • Recognize City, State format for US addresses to map to longitude/latitude++++
  • Authorize non US locations +++


  • More flexible way to decide which photos are shared and to whom. Flickr has a very nice flexibility in this. Two reasons (at least!): I've uploaded pretty much all my pictures in the hope that they can serve as material for recognizing. Only after doing that I realized that I really don't want to show all these pics to even all my family & friends (if there are too many pics the stream gets bloated even with your good searches - showing pics is all about filtering the good or at least the decent from the bad). ++++++++++++
  • Also, relating to the previous, if you upload a lot of photos you usually want to better control who sees what. ++++++++++++
  • Also relating to previous ones, at least allow some to be private because you don't really want to give someone access to all your pictures!
  • Have a choice whether you want your full name shown on your public photos. I think many people will not make a normal pic public for the simple reason that their full name is shown on a picture, giving a surfer the ability to plot where that person has been and on what day because of the name. Maybe have the ability convert the name to first name only or not at all? ++++++++++++
  • Provide an option for storing the full-res picture, in addition to the scaled-down versions
  • Provide an option to link to a full-res version of the picture +++
  • Embedded digital Riya live! buttons (image) can be used on your website, blog or even in your email signature to let other people contact you easily.
  • Embedded album or picture of choices to be display to other website.
  • Share albums or photo's by time limit. Example: Display public or private sharing of photos by time limit. 2 day and count down. year/month/dd/hour/minute/second, 00:00:01:24:00 to be embedded or at itself.



  • option to pause the uploader (instead of stop uploader) - (or can you already resume if you first stop the uploader? Yes. It knows to not upload the same picture twice so it will resume with only new pics!) +++++++


  • An option to import your photos + tags from flickr.++++++++
  • Plugins for apps like iPhoto++++, ACDsee or Picasa+, for adobe photoshop.


  • Ability to upload individual images +++++
  • Ability to tag files that will be uploaded specific to a folder, file or just apply the tag to all folders.+
  • Ability to choose what will be the album name. Currently the album name is the same as the folder name!! and the album can't be renamed!!++
  • Ability to upload files other than just JPG. I have a bunch of photos scanned to PNG!
  • Load IPTC Tags & Captions on upload. (also mentioned in tagging)
  • Multiple select folders for upload rather than one at a time or all.+
  • more flexibility in selecting directories to upload. For example, all photos in C:\Photo except C:\Photo\Junk +++++
  • The uploader should start browse from the directory currently displayed or the last upload directory.++
  • Ability to not include sub-folders +++++
  • Queueing for folder upload+
  • To only upload pictures where Riya has recognised something as I believe Riya is only for searching and applying metadata/tags.
  • It would be super useful and a big advantage over any other sharing site to be able to grab photos from other sharing website. ie. to somehow automatically copy all my photos from yahoo or flickr so they can be consolidated in one place. ++++
  • Import images from other website.
  • ability to upload images during idle mode.+


  • Support for Proxies/Firewalls (ideally, username/password protected proxies) +++
  • IMPLIMENTED - Support for Mac OS X.+++++++++++
  • a non-java uploader?
  • A win98 compatible version of the uploader. ++
  • Multi-threaded app (possibly just search two pictures at the same time). A lot of us have Hyperthreading and/or multi-core/processor systems, and we would love to be able to slash that analyzing time (my workstation at work has dual-xenon with hyperthreading, it could blast through pics if given the chance) +++++
  • browsers plug-in for firefox for example which can capture images. Then, it will be keep in the temporary file somewhere determine by the user's.
  • built-in grid engine (optional) to process the data (amazingly cut-out the time to process facial recognition). ;)
  • recognise vertical postion picture or text.
  • A Linux uploader (The current uploader uses Java, so this should be easy!) ++


  • Have the possibility to configure MORE than one address as a user (cfr. Linked-In). This would allow for users to more easily find already inscribed contacts and avoid duplicates.


  • supporting e.g. accents and other special characters (such as nordic alphabets; etc) +++
  • Creation of Groups or Photo Pool as in Flickr. This will be helpful for cases like work place where each one has his own camera and we all shoot in the same event. It would be nice that we all share our photos within this WORK GROUP so that anyone in this group can browse all of his fellow albums.++++++
  • allow users to also de-select pictures when clicking with Control pressed down (just as in Windows). If you make a mistake now and click the wrong face you have to start all over again. +++++
  • Have a pay membership allowing full resolution uploading. Flickr has so much more functionality apart from the recognition software; how are you going to convince people to use riya instead of Flickr, Smugmug, etc? Is riya meant to be more of a people/location database instead of a photographic community like Flickr? ++++
  • Have a desktop client version available that can operate independently of the website. No upload time, just processing time++++++++++++
  • Download Original File++++++++++++++++++++
  • Sell you service to other companies for them to embed in their products such as flickr and picasa.+++++
  • Have the possibility to print pictures and pay for the service (note, this is of course in contradiction with the third point on the list, having a paying service for full resolution) and have this as you financial source.
  • Allow for google adds to be displayed based on the OCR'ed fragments recognised on the pictures and being paid for that as alternative means of financiation.
  • off course, Creative Common licenses.
  • Enable revenue sharing (as Eefoof) user's monetize their images. how wonderful...!
  • Make all albums available as public (ie at