Please check this page periodically for updates. Thanks!


1. When we released the Beta, users behind a proxy server could not successfully install the Riya uploader. This is now fixed, so please login and install Riya again by clicking Add Photos. If this doesn't work, make sure "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" is checked under Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings.

2. Riya install loop: "Riya's setup.exe is out of date, please download the new version by clicking OK below". If you got this error message before, try installing the Riya uploader again by clicking Add Photos. If you see the same error again, zip and email us the setup.log from C:\Program Files\Riya and jre.log from C:\.

3. Users running a non-English version of Windows XP could not upload photos - Riya indicated that photos were uploaded but no photos showed up online. Login and install Riya again by clicking Add Photos.

4. Riya uploader appears stuck during upload process. This happened a lot when a username was entered in upper case characters - this is now fixed so please login and install Riya again by clicking Add Photos.

5. Riya installation fails when it's installing JRE 1.5: "Error connecting to internet. Check your internet connection". We are working on a fix for this, but until then you can download and install JRE 1.5 from here - once complete, install the Riya Uploader .

6. Manual Training page is blank even though there are unrecognized faces. Fixed, but if you run into this issue, send an email to support with your registered email.

7. Sometimes after tagging faces and clicking "Done", the Manual Training page reloads with the same faces. Instead of redoing the whole page, just re-label one face and click "Done". This will re-submit everything again.


0. "Coming Soon" -- This is like that "Under Construction" sign you saw plastered all over the web in 1996. Maybe these things will happen, maybe they won't. We just want you to understand what "beta" really means. It means, "no promises."

1. If you notice a bug in a photo (such as an incorrect face detection), tag the photo with "riyabug" and we'll take a look at it.

2. The Riya uploader only uploads *.jpg files. If you encounter a problem uploading images, please send email to

3. Email addresses used in registration currently cannot contain special characters such as "+".

4. I made a spelling mistake in Don't Know, and now I got a person with that name in my list. How can I remove this person? -
Answer: Go to your Address Book and DELETE this bad contact name.
- Then show this button also in the Edit-screen on the People tab, because, that's one other obvious place to look for it. Even more obvious than the adress book.
Answer: Great idea! We will implement this in future.

5. You can only add and delete a tag on a picture so many times before the site requires you to navigate away from the picture and return in order to add a new tag.
Answer: This is a known issue that will be fixed in an upcoming release.

6. While using Auto Complete feature in Manual Training Mode comes up with this Tag "Don't Known" instead on "Don't Know". Every time i have to remove the extra character at the end to tag it as "Don't Know".
Answer: This happens when you have typed in "Don't Known" once for someone that you are tagging(even by mistake). This would continue showing the "n" after "Don't Know". However, we will be working on changing the way this autofill feature works in future.

7. Related to #7 above: Searching for people does not appear to bring back the entire list of matches or brings back no matches at all. For instance, I search by clicking on someones face within a picture and it returns only 30 or so results and the picture that I was looking at when I clicked is not in the results. At other times, on more than 3 people, if I click on their face it says "none found in my pictures".
Answer: We are experiencing issues with search returning incomplete results. For eg, if you have 30 faces in your contact for a person, we may be showing fewer. Kindly send us info on how many images show up compared to how many should for a person in your address book along with the search string being used and your Riya id(email).

8. We were experiencing system issues that is impacting Riya's auto recognition after you do simple or bulk training. You may have noticed that after you click on done, the animation does not run and you dont get a QA page - if you continue to see this issue please email support.

9. After selecting gmail contacts to import and pressing add I get the message "No contacts to save".
Answer: This was because there was no email id in your address book that anyone trained Riya on and was in our database. When we find an email id already used by some other user, Riya determines what that person looks like and, if we find another data set with that person in it, which we can auto-recognize him or her for you.

10. When I edit the location of some pictures to something different it seems to work. However when I come back to the same picture it has only added my new tags to the existing ones.
Answer: This should not be happening. Send an email to along with your Riya id details.

11. After adding some new locations to the pictures they do not show in the location map. Is there a preferred format for the location (i.e. "place, city, country" or "place city country"...)?
Answer: We suggest you enter the city in the location field. We have a location directory file and map your photos based on the city rather than place and country.

12. What about cities with the same name in different countries? Furthermore, there are countries where different cities have the same name, but they lay in different regions.
Answer: Well, currently the feature to check for duplicate cities (cities with same name in different countries) is not yet implemented on Riya. We surely are considering this in our future releases. Stay tuned...

13. This could be seen as a bug or a "feature", but I had several photos in which I showed up twice (my reflection in a mirror). Riya actually did the right thing in identifying a face in the mirror, however when I tried to assign my name to it, Riya said that I was already tagged in this photo. I'll just delete the redundant tag, but perhaps just throw up a warning if trying to add the same face twice rather than just not allow it.

14. I'm not really sure how to handle statues. On numerous times Riya finds a face in a statue. Should I keep saying "Don't Know", delete the tag, or specify "Not a Face" ?

15. Though UTF-8 is used on the website, national accented characters in tags and album names are not supported. They should be.
16. Iphoto integration does not work for me on my mac. Every time I select iphoto the uploader crashes, so I'm forced to select the pictures folder on my home which is less than ideal.

17. My name contains an apostrophe and my photos display O&aposMalley instead of O'Malley in the lower right corner. Also, when I search for people whose names contain an apostrophe, the results page shows no results and the search query has a backslash in front of the apostrophe, i.e. O\'Malley.

18. I've tried to sign up using an email like "" and the validation told me that this isn't valid, but it's valid!, I've tried to report the bug sending an email to, but i got a reply telling that this email doesn't exist.
Answer: See #3.

19. It's been a year and I still get this same message,

"ERROR: org.jdom.IllegalDataException: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.<br>"

I've tried to contact Riya Support but my email returned to me with this message...

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table"