1. I am using the riya uploader for MacOSX. In 'Current Status', 'Looking for faces' process will proceed until the last images in the folder, bun none of the images will be uploaded. I deleted 'temp' folder, 'logs' folder, and 'com.ojos.riyauploader.plist' several times but the result was the same.
  2. How does Riya's face recognition work?
  3. How does Riya's text recognition work?
  4. Will Riya remain free?
  5. How can I delete photos/albums that I've added to Riya?
  6. How do you comply with European data protection law?
  7. If I don't want to upload my photos to your site, can I tag them and keep them on my desktop?
  8. I have uploaded a number of photos that have multiple people in them. Sometimes Riya doesn't tag certain faces even when they are large and clear. Why does this happen? Can I upload the picture again and see if it tags it then?
  9. Can I download the original photo files?
  10. Are there plans to provide an API to integrate Riya technology into existing websites?
  11. Any way to change folder/album names after photos have been uploaded?
  12. I just uploaded hundreds of pictures last night, but I can't see any of them in 'My Photos' or the recognition training. Do you have any idea what's causing this?
  13. I did the big upload from question 20 about a day ago, but none of these photos appears in the manual training, not in the simple training nor in the bulk training.
  14. Is it possible to give some insight in how long it will take before my recent huge upload of >1000 photos have been processed?
  15. Did I get this right, At startup Riya can't recognize anyone so when I upload 5000+ photos everybody get's tagged "who is this" and even though the software at some point can recognize a person the photo's don't get retagged with correct tag-name after initial upload ???? User Answer:After some training, Riya will rescan your files and try to figure out who the unrecognized faces are.
  16. If I upload a bunch of hi-res photos, then later use search to find some that I want to use, how do I get to the hi-res versions of my photos? Answer: No. Riya stores 800x600 pix copies of your photos. Q: Does Riya have some way that I can find a photo on my desktop from search results? Answer: I don't think so... (AFAIK. BTW. This proves the importance of having different (open) discussion place and (a moderated) FAQ.)
  17. I upload all my photos to Snapfish now and print photos from there. Can Riya search my Snapfish photos? Answer: No. You have to physically upload photos to Riya.
  18. Is there any plan to release the algorithm and/or client software as open source?
  19. Riya uploader notified me that there was an update. When I downloaded the update and started it up, it began to upload all my +5000 pics again, even though I had previously set it to automatically upload newly added photos. Is this normal or should I stop the upload? Will I see two copies of all my pictures? Answer: You will not see two copies of images as Riya will maintain a Temparory folder "Riya Temp" in "C:\". If there are new photos that are added to your folders and then you click on upload (or auto upload), Riya will first check into this folder and eliminate all the photos that were already uploaded. If this folder (Riya Temp) is either deleted or corrupted, then Riya will upload all the photos once again making all of them duplicates.
  20. When I use manual training, the subsequent page is little confusing, not knowing if I can click on a button? (that is the tendancy, as i had to wait so long..!!) Answer: When you click on Manual Training, the subsequest page should be on simple training. Here Riya will scan all your photos and gathers all relevant faces and asks you to tag (assign) them with either an existing contact name or with a new contact details. You can drag and drop the faces on to your contacts listed on the left hand side of the page. This surely shouldn't take much time. If you are still experiencing the same issue, please write to support@riya.com
  21. I am using the Riya uploader and the directory + all subdirectories I am uploading have 664 images, but the uploader is only finding 510 images. How can I upload the delta?
  22. Is Riya still being developed as this wiki and the blog don't seem to have had any changes for ages?
  23. Sometimes when I add new people I get prompted to do extra training for that person. Is there any way to enter this 'mode' manually - e.g. from the address book entry?
  24. How can I use Riya for commercial purposes, just like www.like.com did?
  25. I found a picture of "Tom" by searching engine, I don't know this guy, but I can add a tag for his pictures. My question is that: 1). what can I do with this tag ? I tried to search the new tag by "search" button, but found nothing. I just can't understand the meaning of "tag" here. 2). The tag added by me to this unknown guy "Tom" can't be removed, is there a way for me to revert my changes ? I'm afraid that I polluted the tag space of "Tom".

  1. Cool! My sister sent me an invitation to search my photos with Riya and so I uploaded a few...and it's like magic! Riya recognized me, her, and some other family members instantly! How did it do this!? Are you the FBI?
  2. Are you concerned that the government is going to use this to spy on us?
  3. Suppose I never want to be identified by Riya. Is there any way I can do this?
  4. Can you bulk change all the pictures in your account from public to private? I accidentally added all of my pictures as public and I want to change them all (1000s) without doing this manually.
  5. Sharing of digital signatures. Did I get this right (from http://riya.wikispaces.com/Not+the+FBI); When inviting somebody that person inherit all the signature training you've done. e.g when I invite a family member that person will also inherit all my signatures for friends etc.
  6. How do I keep a private picture private? I've set a number of pictures as private, however when I do a public search, a number of private pictures still appear. The pull down menu even says that the picture is private. Answer: If you have tried searching for a photo immediately after making it private, the status would not have changed as Riya will take some time to change the status for photos. Please give it some time and then try at a latter point of time. If you still see the same issue then write to support@riya.com
  7. I'm a woman and am really not comfortable with my full name being listed on the site. Since my friends will have my email address and will be identifying me by that, how can I remove my family/last name from my profile? I just want my first name to be viewed by the public. If I can't do this, I won't be using this service. Full name+pictures+friends full names+locations=stalker's paradise! Answer: The feature to edit contact details of the owner of the account is currently not available on the site. However we are considering this to be a feature request and our engineers are already working on this. You should be seing this feature availabe on the website very soon. Stay tuned... :)
  8. You must think of another "Global ID"... I have pictures of me and other persons.. Just uploading photos of other persons without their consent doesn't seem very right (I can't be asking verione if I can upload their photos..) and then also giving you their email.. I woun't do it.. Answer: I too believe the same. I will forward this to our engineering team to see what best can be done here.
  9. How do I decide to stop using Riya? Will you 'forget' my data? Will you 'forget' my face? If I decide I actually don't want to trust you with my face and e-mail, is there any way for me to reverse this action? Answer: Mail your user ID (Email address registered with Riya) to support@riya.com and request for deletion of your account
  10. Can someone upload a photo of me and if there are other photos on the system tagged with my name, this photo will inherit that tag and suddenly they will know who I am? (This would be the ultimate privacy violation, jeopardizing wives who have left abusive husbands, for example.) I hope the answer is no. Answer: Obviously NO. The reason being Riya is yet not implemented with a Desktop version and so, it will only search for the photos that are uploaded but not the ones that are present on the computer.

  1. Why do I have to train Riya? What's that all about? I wanted to just upload my pictures and find them instantly.
  2. I added 20 photos of myself, friends and family to Riya, but it didn't auto-tag everyone as promised. Actually, I had to tag everything myself. Why is that? Is it broken?
  3. I've trained Riya with 30 photos of myself and everyone else in my set, but it still missed a few pictures of me and other people. Why is this?
  4. Once I train Riya to recognize me, can I do a search over the entire web for every photo ever taken of me?
  5. Yikes! I just checked Riya's auto-tagging and, although it got about 90-99% of the recognition right, it also auto-tagged some questionable shots. Please tell me I don't look like my MOTHER!
  6. I take a lot of sports photos where faces are visible, but often in side views and with helmets (not the full-face type of course). Will the face recognition algorithm handle that well?
  7. If I have pictures of a child growing up, should I be training to a person during a particular age group? (As in I have 1000's of pictures of my children from birth to present which can span over 5 years during which their faces grow up). Can Riya handle that or should I use a time-framed work around?
  8. What if i tag something else, like my cat, or a bottle, or my phone... will riya be able to recognize it later on?
  9. What happens when i add a new person to the set, lets say i used to tag someone as I Don't Know, but later on, i realize it is my lost forgotten uncle. Does riya recheck its dataset for new entries?
  10. Let's say I am doing the training on unrecognized faces and I stumble upon a face whose name I know, but not the email. Is it better to leave is as a "Who is it?" for now, to tag it as a "Don't Know", or to tag it with the name but no email?
  11. I have noticed some wrong tags on some of my pictures, and therefore I decided to remove them. now there is nothing (no face is identified anymore). Is Riya going to re-analyze these pictures and re-submit them to me for identification? Or will I have to manually find each picture again and manually draw a square box around the face and re-tag? Or should I not remove this tags but instead change them to "Don't Know"s?
  12. What to do when Riya fail to recognize a face ? Leave it unknown ? Label it "Don't know" ? Try to find the picture where it is taken and remove the tag?
  13. Is it possible to add a link or a system to see and know from which picture is taken the face (or failed recognized face) when training ? I would like to have the possibility to see the entire picture and the name of each unknown face.
  14. How do I Manually train individual photo? I have one photo which has 3-4 different people on it and Riya did not pick that up? Answer: You can go ahead and manually draw a box around the face that Riya has not detected. Hint : It seems that it will not train Riya (the recognition algorithm), and it won't show in "People", it will just allow search to find it (i hope this will be corrected).
  15. What if I have a common name such as Jack Brown? Answer: That's why there's the email as identification.
  16. If I go through and manually tag a lot of bad pictures, will that break the automatic recognition for those names?
  17. When Manual training if you put a box around a screen it asks you if this is a face. If you say NO then it askes you "What is this?" once you do this the next photo will not allow you to do anything. Is this a bug? Answer: Well, we are aware of this and currently our engineers are working on rectifying this abnormality. For the time being, the only alternative would be to refresh the screen and then start drawing boxes around faces. This works.
  18. I have a terribly memory for names (precisely why I love riya!) so I really need to see the filename of the photo containing a face, as I've often included their name in the filename already, or at least something that will jog my memory. Answer: Yes. When Riya uploads a photo, it automatically tags that particular photo with the file name. You can see that under the photo (Once you open it in full screen). You can also add more tags to individual photos (Bulk tagging is also possible)
  19. I have uploaded a number of photos ( >2000) and identified several people 30+ times. I am now uploading another batch of photos. When I go to view the photos of a person, what was 30, is now 18. Where have the others gone? Is there a limit on how many photos riya will keep associated to a person? Answer: This shouldn't happen in first place. Probably the details for that particular contact might have got corrupted. Please write back to support@riya.com with your user ID (Registered with Riya) and they will have it rectified.
  20. Why does my simple train and batch train say everything is done when i still see unknown faces in my pictures? Answer: This is strange. Please contact support@riya.com by sending your user ID (Registered with Riya) to have your account tested.
  21. I am like no. 16. I have loads of people for which I have identified them in about 60 photos through thr training schemes. But if I click on the people I get a feeble number of results like 11 or something. I know I have trained them as the photos are in the training set. Why don't these show up in the search? Answer: We have seen this issue happening some time back. This is due to some discrepency in image data files. Our engineers have already figured out the problem and rectified it. Please try it once again and if you still see the same problem happening then contact support@riya.com for further investigation on your account.
  22. Riya can't deal with the same person in one photo more than once. This is very irritating as sometimes a photo is a mirror or a photo of a groupd of photos so it contains the same person multiple times. Can this "feature" be removed? Answer: Engineering team has already started working towards this. Initially there was a rule setup, stating Riya to detect only once face (of the twin faces) in a given photo. This surely will get fixed soon. Stay tuned... :)
  23. 3/26: MANY times I am told that the system has identified more people but it makes the same mistakes consistently, and I consistently tell the system NO. How many times must I tell it NO before it finally accepts that my grandfather and the high school band director are NOT the same person? Is there a setting I can make to say "Don't make this match again?" Answer: From the symptoms that you have described, I suspect the training set for either of these contacts was updated with atleast one wrong photo. Please check into the training sets of both these contacts (Grand father and High School band director) and see if you can find any abnormalities)
  24. 3/26: Many times I am presented with the same people that I don't know. I respond with "Don't Know". On subsequent attempts to identify unrecognized people, it asks me about those same people. I /still/ don't know who they are. Is there a way to say IGNORE or push that picture to the bottom of the queue of unknowns? How many times must I say "Don't Know" before that person goes away? Answer: It should not pick the same face again if you have already marked them as "Don't Know". The problem can happen if the cookie on your browser is not getting updated. Please delete cookies on your browser and then try training Riya.
  25. I can understand it takes lots of pictures to train the software recognizing faces, but right now the software can't even recognize faces on the identical pictures after being trained. Isn't that a serious deficiency on the software part? Answer: I don't say its a deficiency on the software part but surely some discrepency among the metadata for these photos (faces). Please write to support@riya.com with details of these specific photos for further investigation.
  26. Why don't the faces I have tagged manually show up in the manual training module? Answer: The faces that are tagged manually will not be showing up in training page because they are not detected by Riya. However, when you manually draw a box around a face, you surely can add it to a particular contact and when you search for that contact, this face also will show up.
  27. On public photos from people I don't know, when there are "Don't Know" faces, I can assign them a name, even do "Add Contact". The new contact does not appear in my adressbook though. Is it added to the adress book of the person who uploaded/owns the photo? Is that intentional?
  28. When I train riya, can I check which photo the face came from? The full photo can help me remember who he was.
( I saw this is marked as "IMPLEMENTED" in wishlist. How can I do this? )
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29. One of my "people" has two identities in my RIYA account. For example, Michael Johnson and Mike Johnson are really the same kid but we gave them two tags accidentally. Can I combine tags so that I can transfer all of the Mike Johnson tags to Michael Johnson?

  1. Is there an advanced search with AND, OR, etc. - e.g. I want to search for pictures including me, my wife, and my daughter. Answer: These are the options that we are currently working on... You should be seeing them very soon on our Website. Stay tuned :)
  2. What are the search command available for searching for an user or album?
  3. In the previous version of Riya you could search in your friend's pics. Now I can't find a way to do this anymore!! There are only 2 options: All Photos and My Photos :(
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  5. I uploaded a set of pictures of myself. The recognition is awesome. How do I find pictures of me throughout RIYA (that I didn't upload myself)?


  1. How do I get my photo onto the map?
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  1. How do I pick the watermark on the bottom right of my photos?
  2. When I signed up, I made up a different email address just for testing purposes and now I can't find myself in other people's photos. I know now why it was important to put in a legitimate email address, but now I can't seem to change it.
  3. Why do you ask for me to enter someone's email address and not just their name? Isn't the name enough? Why not a unique alias?
  4. What special characters does the Riya support for Names in the address book?
  5. Is there a way to correct the problem with multiple tags?
  6. I'm into genealogy, and have many pictures of distant relatives going back to the 1800's - awhile before email. How do I handle email addresses for these, and all of the others who have passed away? Comment: Forget the email addresses for them. If I've understood correctly the system doesn't really need the email address to recognize one person in multiple photos you have. Email address comes handy when one wants to utilize the digital "thumbprints" of the faces (the information about the 3D-model or whatever) across multiple Riya accounts or in the future even different services. Email address is the most convenient way to uniquely id someone (people *usually* use email addresses individually) - it's sort of a global SSN or DNA. This doesn't apply to email lists or shared email addresses, of course. Answer: You are right.For more details on this topic, please refer: http://www.riya.com/fileServer?id=e973/c507/c6c2/9a5b/4f5a/8a50/17c5/6fc2/4435/368b/e973c507c6c29a5b4f5a8a5017c56fc24435368b.jpg_face_thumbnail1
  7. Do you email the email addresses that I add to my address book? I don't want my pals getting junk. Answer: No, but when you share photos, they will receive an email from us.
  8. What if I use more than one email address? Some people might know me using one address and some people a different one, but I'm still only one person! I don't want to split! Answer: The system doesn't support multiple email addresses (yet, I'm hoping it will in the future).
  9. Can I upload names from an existing address book? Answer: No. They're probaby introducing this feature some way or the other.
  10. When I signed up I mistyped my name (but wrote my email address correctly). Now I am identified with an incorrect name. I couldn't find a way to correct it. Is this possible anyhow?Answer: No. there is no option currently avilable to change the contact name of the owner. We are considering it for a future release. Stay tuned :)
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  12. I have looked to see if this issue has been raised but I did not find it. When I look at "date" sorting - none of my 2007 dates appear. I have 1999-2006 (each year), but nothing listed in 2007. There are pictures that I have taken in 2007 exclusively. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you.
  13. Is there a way to change the "time"? I scanned a lot of old photos, and would like to associate them with the date they were taken, rather than the date they were scanned (which is what it is currently doing). Otherwise, this is great fun! (Also, the link to your blog seems to be down.)

  1. I use Safari/Firefox/Flock on my Mac. Will Riya work for me?
  2. When I pointed the Riya client to the 'My Photos' folder on my computer, it only added the JPGs to my search. Why is this?
  3. We host our own photos for our families using open source software, Gallery and Coppermine; how can we search a URL, not just a folder or web site with Riya?
  4. Is Riya Compatible with Picasa 2? Are the tags it exports recognised by Picasa?
  5. All my photos are already on Flickr. Do I have to upload the same photos (again) to the web so Riya can access them, or can I just point my account to where I have already published my photos?
  6. Does Riya Uploader works with Windows 2000? Requirements page only suggests Windows XP.
  7. I am a linux user. How can I upload photos from this operating system?Answer: We will be providing a version of uploader for all pc, mac and linux users.
  8. I use the Internet on my mobile phone (Nokia N80) a lot but the browser does not cope well as there is lots of JavaScript. Will you be providing a basic search page for devices with less memory or brosweer which support fewer features?
  9. This looks like it could be very useful for speeding up the process of adding keyword to photos in my iPhoto library. It would be nice if I could use some plugin in to iPhoto in this way.
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