1. When we released the Beta, users behind a proxy server could not successfully install the Riya uploader. This is now fixed, so please login and install Riya by clicking Add Photos. If this doesn't work, make sure "Bypass proxy server for local addresses" is checked under Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings.

2. Riya install loop: "Riya's setup.exe is out of date, please download the new version by clicking OK below". If you got this error message before, try reinstalling Riya uploader by clicking Add Photos. If you see the same error again, zip and email us the setup.log from C:\Program Files\Riya and jre.log from C:\.

3. Users running a non-English version of Windows XP could not upload photos - Riya indicated that photos were uploaded but no photos showed up online. Login and install Riya again by clicking Add Photos.

4. Riya uploader appears stuck during upload process. This happened a lot when a username was entered in upper case characters - this is now fixed so please login and install Riya again by clicking Add Photos.

5. Riya installation fails when it's installing JRE 1.5: "Error connecting to internet. Check your internet connection". Now that it's fixed, you shouldn't see this error again - if you do, please email support.


There's no linux support yet and one cannot install it on a Windows machine without administrator privileges.

  1. Why do I have to download the Riya client? What is it doing?
  2. I downloaded the Riya client and am uploading my entire photo set of 10,000 photos, but now my computer is super slow! Is this permanent?
  3. What changes does the Riya client make to my original photo files?
  4. I want to be able to use my Riya account on two different computers. Do I need to install the client on both?
  5. Can I upload photos, when my browser required a proxy to access the Internet? I tried to upload JPEGs in a folder, and the upload client just said '0 files uploaded'
  6. I want to stop the client after uploading some photos (for some reason, not that I don't want to upload the rest). What happens to the photos already uploaded? Are they kept, or should I send them again?
  7. I can see the photos in my account and then I browse the photos, some of them have got faces found in them. I have trained it to a few people. Riya is not showing me all the people that I still need to classify. Infact it claims that there are NO unrecognised faces. This is clearly false.
  8. Related to Q4: Is there a way to use one computer to upload pictures to more than one Riya account? Does it work with XP profiles? I can't see a way to change the upload account (like in Flickr uploader for example). My wife would also want to set up her own Riya account and we have the photos on the same computer. Answer from a user: I think if you don't tick "remember me" in the uploader then you can easily log in with a different accoutn each time you upload. Or you can right click on Riya from the tray on the bottom right hand side and click logout. You will be able to enter your second Riya account login details.
  9. When I try to upload to Riya, the message "Unable to start upload process. Please try again" is displayed. I tried two computers, one which is not behind a firewall. Any idea what could be causing this? Answer: From C:\Program Files\Riya, zip and email the client.log to supp --that's not really a solution... I use Vista ultimate, had to copy java folder to get rid of the java error... i dont know how to get rid of this --
  10. What's the direct download link? because i'm using IE 7 as default browser, i can't download updates. but i have Firefox and use it for Riya,so i should be able to get at the download directly somehow.Answer: You can directly download riya from **http://static.riya.com/client/riyasetup.exe**
  11. I got the message to download the update to the loader, so I installed it. I had also added a new folder of pictures below my My Pictures directory. Now when I tell Riya to upload, it seems like it's going to re-analyze and upload the 10,000+ pictures that it already uploaded last week instead of just this one new folder. Does the updated Uploader know about what the prior version did? Answer: Yes, we index the images that have already been uploaded once from a particular account. We do this to avoid duplication.
  12. I uploaded a folder full of images. As I didn't want the name of the folder as the album name, I deleted all the images from my account and renamed the folder. Now when I try to upload images from the same folder (renamed) , Riya is not uploading any. If I add new images, only these are getting uploaded. Why? Answer : Riya uploader never uploades already uploaded images. So you would have to delete C:\RiyaTemp folder to upload the deleted/renamed image(s). The other alternative is to just uninstall the uploader, download and reinstall it again.
  13. Can Riya be installed on a drive other than C? My C drive doesn't have room for all the temp files created by Riya. Answer: No. By default, Riya will install itself on to C: Drive only. Stay tuned for upcoming changes regarding this. User Update : i have installed on D: drive it work. It still creat a D:\RiyaTemp which is kind of annoying. Answer: This is the recent update that was released for Riya uploader. We now can go ahead and install Riya on any Drive/Folder that we want. In this case as you have installed Riya in "D" Drive, the Riya Temp folder is also created in the same drive. Thats how its designed.
  14. When Riya will offer a Mac OS X version of the uploader? While waiting for it, is there any means to upload pictures with the right elements (head frame, tags, camera info, etc.) to the website? Answer: The Mac version of uploader is going to be released very soon. You other concern about uploading pictures with right elements - Riya will automatically tag the photos with few keywords that it finds from the file info. However, you can once again tag all the images by just adding a tag under the photo (Bulk tagging is also possible)
  15. In regards to Question 11 above, since Riya indexes the pictures why is it rescanning all the photos looking for faces and text? Again taking up a ton of CPU time and bogging down my computer. Answer - On every upload, Riya will check for already uploaded photos and will ignore the ones that already are uploaded to reduce the duplication on the account. The CPU time is very much minimal as per our tests. If its more at your end, please try re-downloading and installing the latest version of Riya uploader. (Delete older version before installing the new one)
  16. Is there any way to re-upload specific photos? Answer: Currently No. But there surely is a work around. You will have to change the name of the file (Photo) and then upload once again. Riya will maintain a record of all the uploaded photos on Riya Temp folder. So when a file name is changed, the same will be treated a new photo and then Riya will upload it once again.
  17. In which order are the photos uploaded by the riya uploader? Is it alphabetical, time-based etc etc.? Answer: Currently the uploader uploads photos in random order.
  18. I have about 5400 pictures on Riya. I would like to upload some more - but the uploader has stalled. It starts to upload but then stops. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. I also experienced the "Unable to start upload process. Please try again" message, but did not find the client.log file as mentioned some QA's above. More important however, I could bypass this problem by changing the IE connection settings from using an automatic configuration script to manual proxy server settings. Please move this remark to a more appropriate place if you wish.
  20. In OS X, the Uploader will not remember my Login and Password between launches, so I can't use it to automatically make uploads. Any suggestions? I am an administrative user and I have tried resetting permissions favorably. Thanks
  21. Uploader is stuck "Processing Photo: myphoto.jpg". It has not detected any faces in the photo and has not yet uploaded any photos. It has been hung on this picture for more than 2 hours. If I remove the picture from the folder and restart the uploader it continues. I have encountered 2 such photos so far.
  22. Does the uploader supports Vista? I have Java installed but it keeps asking me to install Java 1.5 or later. -- I had the same problem in Vista, just went to an XP machine. ~~Has anyone had success using the uploader with Vista?? I'm having the same problem!
  23. RIYA UPLOADER DOES WORK WITH VISTA! During Install, skip JAVA install option (if possible..), goto ~programfiles/JAVA, copy your jre* dir there to RIYA program folder (~programfiles/RIYA/) , & restart uploader (fRIYAsystray.exe from RIYA program dir if necessay...) Remember to uncheck windows startup option in systray rightclick options!!!
  24. This is related to the upload problem that is supposed to be fixed. I only got one upper case characters in my user name. I've downloaded Riya twice and installed it. Riya found the first image in my folder but it have taken over 10 minutes for it to upload an image that is 8kb, it shows no progress at all. How long should it take using a cable internet connection? Zelune Proxy
  25. When I try to upload a folder full of photos using the OS X uploader, the status window displays "Riya is scanning your folders...," "Stopping upload.....," then "Finished upload." None of the pictures show up on my Riya account and there are no productive error messages to indicate what I might be doing incorrectly.

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When can we expect a Vista version? Uploader does not work in Vista - I also had the same problem as the people in 22.

Please help edit/format this for use on the Wiki (I do not know Wiki code and standards, I just wanted to save all this info that I spent time figuring out and wanted to share.)
Riya Uploader install under Windows Vista - recommendations, guidelines, workarounds.
Summary - recommended resolution (fix, workaround) - Under Windows Vista, 1st setup compatibility mode for the install file (under file or shortcut Properties in Windows), and then run install. The install should work OK, if the default install location (path) shows ...\Program Files...\...".

Issue - error message "Failed to launch java...", in Riya Uploader for Windows, after you Start Uploader, under Windows vista (64-bit only?).
This could be due to installation problem. To resolve, install (setup) the software with recommended resolution guidelines or procedures.
Click/select "Start Uploader".
Error message -
Riya Uploader
Failed to launch java. Please re-install java 1.5 or later.
Notes -
  • Does not matter if you have Java (runtime, environment, JRE, etc.) already installed in Windows or operating system. Riya Uploader software only uses its own included dedicated copy of java (does not use any common/shared system copy), and if the included java does not install properly during the Riya Uploader install, then some features of the software will not be able to work (like the Start Uploader feature).
  • The java referred by the error message is the dedicated copy of java included with the Riya Uploader software (under subfolder - "jre", under location where the software program files are installed. Examples - ..\Riya\jre, C:\Program Files (x86)\Riya\jre, C:\Program Files\Riya\jre ). Does not use any java installed elsewhere (like a common system installation of java).
  • Cause - Install issue. When the issue occurs, the included jre files do not install at all under the location where the software program files go, so the java component is not available, and so some features will not work (that depend on java). Appears the installer does not acount for significant changes in Windows Vista, especially reading the setup environment; result is the default install reads environment and winds up trying to install under an individual user account profile, instead of program files and locations for all users; choosing an alternate location (path) does not completley resolve, since you do not have a choice where some files go.
  • The Riya Uploader for Windows referred to here is not a 64-bit program (application). Under Windows Vista 64-bit, 64-bit programs go under the folder location -...\Program Files\, and all other programs must go under the folder location -...\Program Files (x86)\. Using Wndows compatibility mode for a file or shortcut (to run or open, a file or program) helps with this.

Resolution (fix, workaround) -
To instal in Microsoft Windows Vista, 1st setup the install (setup) file to run in compatibility mode (under file or shortcut Properties in Windows), the run install. Recommend compatibility mode - Windows XP ...
Guidelines, procedures -
  • In your Web browser, goto www.riyah.com.
  • In your Web browser, download (save...) to a known location. Do not select option to run.
  • Go to the downloaded file, in the known location.
  • Set Compatibility mode on install (setup) file - click 2nd mouse button (commonly the right one) on the file; select Properties, Compatibility; select option to run in compatibility mode (recommend Windows XP...); click/select [OK] or [Apply].
  • Run (open) the install (setup) file.
Known to apply to -
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 64-bit (Operating System), Home Premium edition, Service Pack 1 (SP1).
  • May apply to all Microsoft Windows Vista, 64-bit (Operating System) editions (versions, packages).
  • May apply to all Microsoft Windows Vista, (Operating System) editions (versions, packages).

Installation completion.
  • Run/open Riya Uploader.
  • Login to your online Riya account ("Authenticate your Email"). If you do not have an account, sign up for an account (reuired, you need this).
  • If the following mesage displays -
Riya Error
There are some files missing. Click OK to update Riya uploader installation.
  • Click/select "Start Uploader".
  • Note - If the Uploader starts with no error, then the java setup is OK.

The install (setup) may have problem if during the install it shows a path to install under other than -
...\Program Files...\...
Examples of good default locations (folder paths or locations) ("Where would you like to install?") -
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Riya
  • C:\Program Files\Riya
Examples of bad default locations (folder paths or locations) -
  • ...Users\(user name)\Riya
  • C:\Users\(user name)\Riya
If you see other than the good folder path by default, recommend stop the install, and use the recommended Resolution (fix, workaround). That is, setup compatibility mode for the install file (under file or shortcut Properties in Windows) and then run install.

Java management. Including the included dedicated copy of java files under the location where the software program is located (like Riya Uploader).
Someone also provided a solution under item 23. Copy the common shared system java files (subfolder - ...\jre\), to under location where the Riya Uploader software files are. Recommend if you do this, delete the existing files (and subfolders), the copy the jre files.
Currently, this is the only way you can use the newest version of java, or update the java files, included with and used by with Riya Uploader.
If you want to try and test, and possibly make the updating of java easier, the (Sun) Java Control Panel in Windows may have option to find and add other copies of java files, and then possibly manage updating them along with the update feature in the (Sun) Java Control Panel in Windows.